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New Love: Colossians 3.12-15 (ESV)

  The series we’re in is about a new you.   How can we get different results than we have in the past?   We are thinking about what it means to be made new.   As a church, how to we do things together in a way that pleases God and is healthy?   We want you to be taking good care of yourself.   We have disagreements at home and with fellow church members sometimes.   Paul is addressing disagreements in this passage.   We are opinionated people.   We don’t agree on all things.   What’s the best peanut butter?   Is crunchy better or is creamy? Some disagreements are more serious and we can find ourselves in a power struggle.   This is happening in our nation.   They key to being healthy is right here in this text.   Two weeks ago in my sermon I talked about Jesus being seated at the right hand of the Father.   We can choose to set our minds on Heaven.   We can have a new way of thinking.   Jesus is the center of power in the universe.   Jesus has all power regardless of people who claim
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New Image: Colossians 3.5-11 (NLT)

 For two thousand years the church has gathered together and every time we gather together there's a sense that we are reproducing what is in Heaven.  We are a reflection of Heaven.  For Baptists, we do things more casual than some and some are even more casual than us.  In this setting we can lose a real sense of what's in Heaven when we come together.  We are in God's presence when we gather together; it's not that God is uniquely here.  Worship is an awareness of God's presence.  When we sense God's presence we know we are not worthy and there's a conviction that comes; many things come to our minds.  We are reminded of the cross and the resurrection and this brings us to confession of sin.  That's what we want to do in worship.  Worship's ultimate intent is to know you're in the presence of God.  As a group when we spend time together in God's presence we model Heaven.  Sometimes we're just getting into God's presence as the servi

Armenian Pastor Arman's War Testimony

  Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus our Lord My name is Arman . I was born in Yerevan, capital city of Armenia. I am 41 years old. I am a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ already about 27 years. I have had Water Baptism in 19 95 , in the Armenian Baptist Church of Yerevan. I am married already over 17 years and we have a son of 12 and a daughter of 10. I want to share how God has saved my life and lives of those with me. As some of you already are informed, on 27 th of September, 2020, Azerbaijan (in the help of Turkey) started a War against Armenians, it attacked on Artsakh- Nagorno Karabakh Republic (de facto Independent Armenian Country) . Azerbaijan involved in this War military advisers. They had weapons and armored vehicles from Turkey. Special Islamist terroristic groups- mercenaries from Syria were brought to fight against Armenians from Syria. They used much more Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) (bought from Israel) also. It was really a terrible war, wh

New Mind: Colossians 3.1-4 (ESV)

  We are indeed a new creation.   Everything has been and is being made new.   New can be a good thing.   In Colossians chapter 3 the people of Colossae have been marginalized like they’re second class believers.   Paul tells them they too are children of God.   Paul writes about God’s design, what it means to be a new creation, to have the Holy Spirit of God inside you.   God’s design for us is to be made new.   Maybe you tried something new recently?   It’s exciting.   I tried a new kind of cookie on Christmas.   It was a red velvet cake cookie.   I took a bite and then I ate the whole thing!   Exciting can also be challenging. God has designed us to have a new way of thinking.   Those of you who grew up in church, when you came to Christ not much changed.   Those of you who were not in church before you came to Christ it was a huge change for you.   This is a practical section of Scripture.   Paul is telling us how to live the Christian life.   He begins with new thinking: You

Jesus Saves: Galatians 4.4-5 (ESV)

                                            Hand of God - Save Me by Younsung Kim This is a rescue story, Jesus coming to us, the story of the prophets.   This is what they were waiting for:   Jesus to come to the rescue.   I have this old brown replica of a church building.   The steps and steeple are broken off.   It’s banged up and in bad shape.   Why would I keep something like that?   I’ll tell you why a little bit later.   We are kind of like this damaged building.   Jesus came for each of us, even in our broken state. In Galatians 4 Paul is writing to the church at Galatia who is under attack.   They’re being told they’re not real believers.   People are saying things like, “God didn’t really come for you.”   Paul writes them this letter to tell them yes, Jesus came for them.   Jesus came for them at just the right time. At the right time God knows how to rescue us and He knows just the right time to do it.                          “ 4 But when the fullness of time had

Jesus is Lord: Luke 2.11

  As Christmas approaches we picture a nativity.   Baby Jesus is in the center and the others are standing around him.   Mary and Joseph, the shepherds and if you’re historically incorrect, the wise men are there too.   There’s a cow, a donkey and even sometimes a chicken.   The center of the nativity is the person of Jesus.   The question that’s asked is, Who is this child?   What’s he come to do?   We have the answer in Luke 2. The angels tell us.   He is the Christ of Christmas.   Jesus is Lord.   We are a contrarian people.   We don’t like anyone lording it over us.   We are independent but we still need a King over our heart.   How many times have you said to yourself, “I cannot believe I just said that!”?   We are aware of the weaknesses in our hearts.   In Jesus we have the One who comes for our soul; Jesus is a gift for us.   Jesus is the One we can entrust our hearts to.   Jesus is our gift. Merry Christmas to you! This is a message of great joy!   Jesus is born.   The l