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Mission Partner God Story, Sarah Grace Moxley White

"I don't know about you, but I have felt so overwhelmed by the layers of hurt and injustice so many are experiencing in this pandemic. The list is endless and we all have a different front row seat. Mine is in proximity to our homeless friends here in Wilmington through my role at Vigilant Hope.
It is really easy to focus on all the awful.
But I'm choosing to look for the movement of God instead.
That doesn't mean looking away from the hurt. Actually the opposite. It means staring injustice in the face and squinting your eyes so hard that you can barely see to look for the traces of the Lord at work in it.
I'll be honest and say that I can't always see it.
But I know that I for sure won't see it if I stop looking.
So I keep looking. And sometimes, God makes it clear.
Sometimes the movement of God shows up in a solitary grocery bag in the back seat of my car when I drove by our community meal site (after an unexpected detour) and saw one of our friends dejectedly walking away, having realized that she missed our meal. Y'all, as soon as I saw her, I knew in my heart that God had prompted me to grab that bag just for her.
And as she walked away into the stormy weather, tears came to my eyes because this friend may be overlooked and ignored by many, but God knows her and loves her and created an every-day miracle to provide for her hunger that night.
So keep looking for the movement of God, friends. You just might see it show up right here in the mess with us."

Sarah Grace Moxley White is one of the mission partners of First Baptist Church of Asheboro, NC.  Sarah serves and ministers to the homeless population of Wilmington, NC through a ministry called Vigilant Hope.  


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