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Welcome Kevin & Jan to Robin's Nest!

Kevin & Jan Rutledge, serve as missionaries with Mission to the World (Presbyterian Church of America) in Frankfurt, Germany and are NC natives. They work with the many refugees currently in Germany, teaching German, English, camps, etc. For more info, check out our Facebook site:

"We are so grateful that you are letting us live in your spacious Missionary House, Robin's Nest. Jan had some medical issues that required us to come back and we had to scramble for flights and housing as the Covid-19 virus was hitting Europe hard. This has been a quiet place to regroup. Thank you!" - Kevin & Jan

Please feel free to send Kevin & Jan a card welcoming them to our community.  You can get the address by contacting the church office.  Kevin & Jan plan to be with us until September of this year.  Please pray for them as they navigate health concerns during a time of quarantining.  Sharing your favorite local places with them in a card or Facebook message can help them navigate our community.  The PathFinder's Class is working on gathering a few items the kitchen needs to help cooking be a bit easier.  We hope to refurnish the porch and living room this year as well as replacing the outdoor carpet with linoleum.  Robin's Nest has blessed our church family to connect us with missionaries like the Taylor's in Thailand and the Young's in Kenya.  Welcome Rutledge's who serve in Germany!


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New Mask Sewing Ministry Needs Your Help!

3/31/20Update on Mask Sewing Ministry:  There are 5 women and 1 man sewing to provide masks for local health care workers.  Seven agencies have been served so far.  All are local agencies except fr one in Mocksville.  Over 200 masks have been sewn and donated so far.  Requests are still coming in and they'll continue to sew until the need no longer exists.  Needs: Financial support for the purchase of thread and machine needles, men's polo knit shirts, tight weave and NO NYLON.  We've also added a sign on the containers the masks are in.  

How all of this started:

When church member, Penny Rose, who works in a certified nursing facility, called church member Janet Myers asking about the possibility of sewing masks for their staff, Janet gladly accepted the task!  Janet is also working with a liaison at Randolph Health and Moses Cone to sew masks and face shields.   The great thing about fabric masks is they can be laundered and reused.  Volunteers are needed to help sew.  If…

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26In the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from God to a city of Galilee named Nazareth, 27to a virgin betrothed to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David. And the virgin’s name was Mary. 
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Corona Caroling

Church member, Alison Hargett has led a group to minister in a local assisted living center.   They've led Bible School for the residents for a few years now and this has turned into a monthly Bible Study for residents with her, her daughters and some other moms and their daughters as well.  In this season of social distancing and lockdown for assisted living facilites, Alison's group got creative and went, "Corona Caroling" last week.  They sang outside the windows to the residents. 

The windows couldn't be opened but they sang loud and the residents loved it!  They did a couple of songs with American Sign Language and brought smiles to faces.  They've made plans with another facility for this coming week and look forward to doing this again.  "We can't do our normal Bible Study but we figured out a way to bring them a little joy anyways!" said Hargett.

After the group did this they received another invitation to sing at another facility.  Th…